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Percy Barnevik

Percy Barnevik is a Swedish business executive with more than 40 years' experience working for some of the world's largest national and multinational companies. He has been CEO/Chairman of Skanska, ABB, Investor, AstraZeneca and Sandvik. Percy Barnevik is a former board member of American Du Pont and General Motors and remains an Honorary Chairman of the Board of Sandvik.

The 'CEO/Chairman of Europe's most respected company' title was awarded to him by the Financial Times/Price Waterhouse survey of 1800 senior European executives for four consecutive years (1994 -1997).

In 2000, Percy Barnevik decided to focus his philanthropic work on poverty alleviation in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, having witnessed the devastating impact of child labour. His vision - to reduce poverty by creating jobs - led to the creation of the Hand in Hand group. Today, after spending eight years as the Hand in Hand International Chairman, Percy Barnevik continues to support our work as Honorary Chairman.


Percy Barnevik has also served academia and civil society in a number of honorary positions:

  • Member of the Advisory Council at the Academy of Engineering Sciences in Finland